Why "GOOD Posture" Is BAD For You 

And could be stopping you from getting in shape,
feeling pain-free & aging well 


If all the diets, exercise and massage appointments still AREN'T helping you to look better, feel better and age well at peri -and post-menopause ... it could be because you're focusing on fixing your posture INSTEAD of your fixing your ALIGNMENT.

How many times were you told to "stand straight" and "stop slouching" when you were growing up? And how often do find yourself "fixing" your posture (chest up, shoulders back, belly in) throughout the day, thinking you're doing something GOOD for your body?

The problem is that these outdated "good posture" cues that were drilled into us as kids are actually AWFUL for the body from a biomechanical perspective. They may even be what's STOPPING you from aging slim, strong, and pain-free - even if you exercise.

The Difference Between POSTURE and ALIGNMENT

You see, 'posture' is the way your body LOOKS, and 'alignment' is the way your body WORKS.

So fixing your posture by just rearranging your body parts so that you LOOK better could actually be messing up your alignment - which means your body is no longer working well anymore.

If your goal is to look and feel great as you age, you should aim for good posture BECAUSE you have good alignment - not good posture at the EXPENSE of good alignment.

Good alignment is important because our bodies are not an arbitrary arrangement of muscles and bones.
On one level, the body is like a pulley and lever system. So, when we are out of alignment...
  • Some parts become overused (tight muscles)
  • ​Some parts become underused (weak muscles)
  • ​And other parts rub up against each other causing wear and tear (ie. pain).

Is posture and alignment the MISSING PIECE in your "look better, feel better, age well" puzzle?

Just like the wheels of your car need to be properly aligned for optimal performance and to minimize wear and tear, so do the various parts of your body need to be positioned well in order for your body to work best.
When your alignment is good your BONES - which are the foundational structure of your body - line up well. As a result, your muscles can work and strengthen the way they were intended to.

This means you get ...
  • Better strength and flexibility from your exercise
  • Better weight management (because more muscle means a faster resting metabolism)
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • ​Better shape and tone as you go about your day. (Yep, just walking or standing around become strength-building activities.)
 ... and THAT’S audacious aging.

So, what's optimal alignment?

From a biomechanical perspective, optimal alignment is ‘anatomical neutral’. In other words, the general positioning of your bones should resemble the skeleton in your doctor’s office.

For most of us, though, by the time we hit our mid-40s our 'normal' alignment is nothing like 'neutral' alignment. And THIS could be the underlying reason why you're struggling to lose weight, can't get really strong and toned, and still have nagging aches and pains no matter what you try.

How does YOUR alignment score?

If you're curious to discover whether alignment is the missing piece in your midlife wellness puzzle, click on the Alignment Scorecard below and take this 5-minute self-assessment.
So, go stand in front of a mirror and let's see how your NORMAL alignment compares to NEUTRAL or 'optimal' alignment.

IMPORTANT! This self-assessment scorecard is intended only to REVEAL any current misalignments - not to fix them.

So, DO NOT hold these optimal alignment points. 

Tension and muscle imbalances are pulling you OUT of optimal alignment. Adding tension in order to try 'correct' your alignment can result in serious injury and damage.

Alignment is changed through a series of specific and sequenced corrective exercises (I call these Magic Moves), as well as some habit and lifestyle changes.
About Your Audacious Aging Coach
Hi! I’m Tracy. 

I’m a Movement and Posture Coach on a mission to help women over 45 take charge of their changing shape, age audaciously, and get the figure they love without doing endless cardio, feeling guilty about skipping workouts, or giving up chocolate.

After overcoming my own figure change, confidence issues, and aches and pains in my mid-40s, I am passionate about showing women 45+ that they do not have to accept a ‘new normal’ as they age that is anything less than wonderful.

I teach simple, yet powerful, biomechanics-based exercises that get you working out smarter, not harder, and which create fabulous figure-shaping and pain relieving results. The best part is that I teach you how to integrate these movements into your life, so that you can get the benefits when you’re standing, sitting, working, or just walking around.

I love coffee and Netflix - and I don’t like super-sweaty exercise; but I’m stronger and trimmer at 53 than I was 10 years ago.

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